Loving everything in this nonth’s #kushcargo. It just sucks that two items were broken. (at Home)

My last #ipsy bag for a while. Loving everything in this month’s bag. (at Home)

"Only true gamers will understand." - @kokirikidjack #pokemon #missingno (at Home)

@kokirikidjack became #Toad. #puyallupfair (at Puyallup Fairgrounds)

Is it sad that my #panda collection could rival the one in the #hobbyhall this year? #puyallupfair (at Puyallup Fairgrounds)

Best day ever at #TheFair. It was @kokirikidjack’s first time. We had more fun than we’ve had in a LONG time. (at Puyallup Fairgrounds)

@kokirikidjack’s latest #dryeraseboardart. (at Home)

August #BurnBox. Gonna take a break from subscription boxes for a while. (at Home)

August #BuddhaBox. Last one for a while. (at Home)

Sambuca and I the other day. I think he loves me. 😽 (at Home)

Amazing NWSL Championship game. Finally got to watch my favorite players in person. #LetItReign

He’s amazing and creative. #dryeraseboardart #ilovemynerdyboyfriend #adventuretime @kokirikidjack (at Home)

August’s #Rasta themed #Cannabox. The little #ChameleonGlass piece is pretty awesome. (at Home)

August’s #LetsParty #420GoodyBox. I’m still not happy about not receiving a pipe in my July box. But I really do like the piece they included this month. @kokirikidjack and I have named it the #Dalek. (at Home)

Meet Sambuca!! He’s such a sweet and loving boy. Jack took this adorable picture of him exploring his new home. @kokirikidjack (at Home)